Writing lesson- Week 4

This lesson was a challenge for me.  I am not a fan of writing so teaching it for the first time was a bit daunting.  I chose to teach a persuasive letter.  I thought it would be fun and it built on a lesson my teaching partner taught a week before.

The lesson went well and the students brainstormed ideas and shared their knowledge from the previous lesson to review.  I wrote down the form of the letter on the white board, and then instead of moving to another board, I erased the form.  Oops, rookie mistake.

One thing I did notice as I was teaching the lesson was that I was bored with the lesson, so I can’t imagine how bored my students were, I reflected about this on my week 4 blog.  One of my goals for my 3 week block is to find a way to make the material more interesting and interactive.  All in all the lesson went well, and we got some good persuasive letters.