Teaching Philosophy

 This is my first attempt at creating a teaching philosophy.  As I move through my journey to be a teacher, these statements will change and evolve.  I truly believe by keeping these in mind, it will make me a better teacher.


I believe kids learn best in an environment that is safe, encouraging and where the children feel heard and valued for who they are, not what they can do.

I believe kids need to explore and learn through play and have fun while discovering new things.

I believe that when kids have ownership of their learning, they learn and retain so much more.

I believe that everyone is an expert in something, and that everyone has something of importance to teach others. Teachers can learn from their students.

I believe that teachers need to meet students where they are in all aspects and move forward together.

I believe that as a teacher I am responsible for shaping the whole child not just imparting knowledge.

I believe that learning is journey and as a teacher I am guide, who needs to be open to exploring the less traveled path with my students.

I believe that each child who comes into my classroom and my life has something to offer me and that I have something that child needs.  We have to find out what it is together.

I believe that a good education gives the knowledge they need to find success.

I believe a great education fuels the desire to keep improving and learning.