Host/Guest assignment.

Each week for about 6 weeks we were asked to be either a host or guest and participate in discussions around certain themes.  We were asked to choose a Cree word from the book 100 Days of Cree by Neal McLeod.  As a guest we were to read the readings assigned to us and prepare a 3-2-1 to share with our host.  We were also asked as guests to be prepared to discuss the questions our host prepared and to read/listen to the conversation starter provided by the host.

As a host we were asked to provide a conversation starter, choose our Cree word, tie in our theme to the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action and create questions.  We used the questions to lead the discussion with our guests.

Each week had a topic for the conversation.  My theme was controversial topics.  I didn’t purposefully choose this topic, I just choose to do the assignment the first week, when I was less busy.  It was an interesting topic to lead a discussion on.  The readings we were assigned touched on the biggest concern we all had in the discussion, that was how to deal with parents, when teaching controversial material.  The idea of dealing with parents was little intimidating to us all.  Those in our group were also somewhat concerned about job security in teaching controversial things.  We did agree that we would absolutely correct, slurs and slams towards groups that are considered to be marginalized.

As a host we also had to fill out a document reflecting on the discussion, and include our questions.  We weren’t give any instruction that we had to discuss all the questions, so we just got to the first one.  The conversation was interesting and took us on side discussions that related to the topic so I felt it was ok to let the conversation flow rather than stop, for the sake of getting through all questions.

All in all the conversation was great as were all the others.