First solo lesson- Phys. Ed.

My second lesson was my first lesson that I created with outcomes and indicators , that would be taught to the actual grade it was designed for rather than adults, in simulated micro teaching situation.

I was excited and nervous to teach Phys. Ed.  I love more sports oriented skills, so I was excited to learn I would be teaching hand dribbling, a basketball skill.  In my EPE 310, class we were learning that the gym is a hard space to teach in, so that caused me some nerves, also the lesson had to be an hour long rather than the more standard 30- 45 minute class.

I over planned a lot, because I had no idea how to gauge how long things would take with grade 4.  It was a great lesson and you can read about it here.

This is the evaluation or personal development sheet our co-op fills out for us.