Welcome to my blog. This is a space where I will document my journey to become a teacher.  I will be sharing some of my projects, thoughts and resources that I discover as I move through my education.  First a bit about me and how I arrived at this point.

My name is Pam.  I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 27 years.  Together we have 6 children, 4 boys and 2 girls.  The oldest is 28 and youngest is 6.  In my very limited free time, I chauffeur my 3 boys who still live at home to piano and speed skating.  My husband and I are the meet coordinators for the Regina Speed Skating  Club.  When I get some free minutes to myself, I spend those quilting and watching sports on tv especially CFL.

Being accepted into the Faculty of Education, in spring 2017 was truly a dream come true. I am thrilled to be in the Pre-K to grade 5 program. I am also working on a concurrent degree in the Faculty of Arts- History major.  My journey to be teacher has been long but one I have never given up on.  In my years of raising my children, I have been very active in their classrooms, and then eventually homeschooling them.  Education is and always has been very important to me.  When we homeschooled, I volunteered with the homeschool co-ops creating and leading classes for homeschool students.  Teaching in that informal setting or being in the classroom assisting was always time well spent, in my mind.  Now as a student, when my classes require me to be in a classroom observing, it is the highlight of my day and I can’t wait until the next week.  That feeling, tells me I am pursuing the right profession.

I love all the classes I have taken so far. I have learned so much and have had my outdated thinking shaken up.  I love the new ideas that have replaced the old ones. Those old ideas have no place in a a good teacher’s thinking.  I can’t wait to see what the next 2 years have in store for me.