3-2-1 assignment

The 3-2-1 assignments, were part of the guest portion of the host/guest discussions we had over the course of six weeks.  As a guest we were to submit to our weekly host, a short write up that included 3 take aways from the readings and conversation starter, 2 connections we made and 1 question we still have.

I chose this 3-2-1 as my best. The topic for this one is supporting transgender and transsexual students.  For those that know me, they may be shocked that I chose this one as my best.  Many who have taken classes with me in the past know that I struggle with LGBTQ issues and my faith.  I chose this because the readings helped me in that struggle a bit.  I realized from the readings that creating an environment that is free from slurs, and derogatory comments, has nothing to do with whether I agree or disagree with LGBTQ issues or with my faith. It has everything to do protecting anyone from bullying, no matter who they are.  I realized too, that as part of my faith, I am called to protect and stand up for those who are being bullied.

This session provided some of the deepest learning I have had since my first semester and ECS 110.