Half day of teaching

In pre-internship one of our requirements is that we teach a half-day.  In that half-day we teach the whole morning or afternoon and all the subject that are scheduled for that day.  I did my half-day at the beginning of my third week. I was responsible for their board work when they came in as well as ELA, Spelling and the Math unit I have been teaching all along.  Another requirement is that our co-op leaves the room for short periods of time during our teaching.

Overall I thought the day went very well.  A couple of things that I noticed almost right away was that I need to expand my repertoire of tricks and skills for dealing with the class, when even after being asked several times, they don’t stop talking and pay attention.  I reverted to the good old if we don’t get through this you will have this for homework. While sometimes that is what has to happen, it is not something that should be used often. I reverted to that because I had no idea what to do what while I was in the middle of it.  I will definitely be brushing up on my tricks for this before internship.

The other notable thing was that when I had free rein of the time schedule I wasn’t as time conscious as I usually am and then ended up rushing through each subject to get done.  Rushing children is never a good idea because then they end up with a bunch of homework which is what happened.  In ELA we ran out of time because I had this sense that I could actually read a picture book quickly with out stopping to discuss every page. I don’t know why I thought that, in all my years of reading books to children I have rarely read a story straight through without a discussion

I do feel that in the case of the not listening that had I been able to continue the lesson the next day, I would have been comfortable waiting for the students to listen each time and taking all the time I needed to finish.  I did feel the pressure in both the Spelling and ELA that I taught to get what I planned done because it would be the only time I would be teaching those subjects.  I have been a little better in math not rushing because I know I have the next day to continue as it was my ongoing unit.

Overall my half day was great. I felt more comfortable teaching as my co-op was in and out of the rooms so my every move wasn’t as closely watched this time.  That is not to say my co-op is harsh but it was freeing not to be evaluated all the time.

We’ll see how this finishes for the rest of the week.



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