A not so ordinary day

Today was an unique day that deserves a write up.  It was unique in that when we arrived at the school we had no power the same as several other schools in the area.  It was business as usual though. The students were excited by the unexpected outage. They soon settled down and got to work, until we were brought a lantern to use in the classroom.  A discussion ensued about the best place to put the lantern. It is interesting how the littlest things that are unusual get students off track even in Grade 4. I was able to observe the creativity of the teachers to adapt quickly to make changes to their plans that were affected by the lack of power.  Teachers who had smaller windows/no windows had students sitting in the hallway working by the light that came through doors and other classroom windows. On days like today I am glad that I don’t often rely on technology in my teaching, although in my observations the lack of access to tech did not phase any of the teachers I was fortunate to observe. The power came back on and everything carried on like there was no disruption or power outage.


The two big takeaways from today were that as a teacher you need to be flexible and adaptable to whatever the situation needs and you need to always have a back -up plan for those situations, maybe even a back-up plan for your back-up plan.  


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