Not what I expected

I started my 3 week pre-internship block on March 11th.  I was very excited to see the students and my co-op teacher again.  I was also very happy to be spending some time with my teaching partner.  I haven’t seen her all semester as we have no classes together.

I spent the weekend prior preparing my visuals, lesson plans, and Personal development Plans( PDPs).  I felt mostly ready to take on this 3 week challenge of learning and growing.   I was a bit nervous Sunday night at returning.  Nerves after being away so long, but also nerves that these 3 weeks would be the turning point in my dream to be a teacher.  Would I be good enough to get a recommendation to move onto internship was what I was most concerned about.

We arrived at the school Monday morning, coffees and supplies for our lessons in hand.  Walking through the hall we received a warm welcome from all the staff.  We set up and and caught up with our co-op.  The best part though was when the bell rang, and the students came in.  We received hugs, and enthusiastic welcomes.  It was a great start to the block.

Onto the purpose of our return to the school, teaching lessons.  This time it was the same subject everyday for 3 weeks, 13 lessons.  We have 2 days in our block where we don’t teach, one is parent teacher conferences and the other is a PD day.   My subject of choice is Math specifically Data Analysis.  I like math and that is why I chose it.  Lessons 1 and 2 went well that is until the post conference after lesson 2.  I was going about the order in a way that isn’t the best.  Oh boy, that was really disheartening.  I am really glad I took the advice of my professors and only planned the first four lessons for the week, not to much work to redo.  However, it is exhausting being in school everyday when you are used to being the student all day. It is really hard to plan a lesson every night when you are so tired, add in making up PDPs for each lesson based on the feed back from the day, every night it was overwhelming to say the least.

I would like to tell you that my week changed and ended well but it didn’t.  I was so exhausted, frustrated and overwhelmed that I came home Friday and spent that evening and Saturday in tears, seriously contemplating giving up my dream of teaching.  I also want to say that my feelings had nothing to do with my placement, my co-op and Faculty Advisor are amazing and so very supportive.  I also want to say that there will be a week 2 post because I did return on Monday.

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