Here we go! Pre Internship week 1 &2

Pre-Internship oh! My!


All summer and into September, I was anxious and excited to start pre-internship.  There was some trepidation too wondering where I would get placed, who my teaching partner would be, what would my cooperating teacher be like. I was so happy to find out we got to choose our teaching partners.  I was also so happy to be chosen by an amazing person to teach with her.  As it got closer to finding out our placements trepidation gave way to nervous excitement and just plain old nerves.  The morning of our first day I felt so nervous.  It turned out my nerves were unfounded.


My teaching partner and I carpooled to the school together so it was a little less nerve wracking arriving together rather than alone.  We didn’t meet our teacher before hand but had some very enthusiastic emails from her, which also helped to ease the nerves.  We were welcomed very warmly into the school that first day. Our coop teacher is amazing and energetic.  My teaching partner and I planned an art type activity to get to know the kids names.  I knew I had the right teaching partner when our instructions/lesson flowed so smoothly with one of us picking up seamlessly where the other left off.  It was great.  The intro lesson was received well by the students. Our teacher has given us the subjects we are teach each week up until the end of the semester.


Our second week went equally as well and started with some nerves again but this time because I was teaching an actual curriculum lesson, to actual young students.  My first lesson to teach was dribbling in Phys. Ed. for an hour.  The length of the lesson was intimidating since most elementary classes are 30 to 45 minutes. We are also learning in EPE 310 that the gym space is a hard space to teach in.  Intimidated was the feeling of the day.  Lesson time came and overall I thought for a first lesson, in what I was told was tough space, went well.  I over planned my lesson and didn’t get to most of it.  I was surprisingly good with that and taking my time and going with the students, I have a tendency to rush things.  Handing out and setting up equipment wasn’t something I considered in my lesson plan but I thought I handled it well.  The students are required to run for 5 mins at the beginning of class so I used that time to set up and all was well.  I did forget the “treasure” for the game but put that out as the students were practicing the skill.  The gym is a hard space to keep an eye on 25 grade 4’s but I was mostly pleased with how I did.  I know there is improvement needed but that is what learning is all about.


I am excited for next week, bring on place value in Math.  I get to play a game we created for EMTH 310.  I am excited to see how it will work teaching it to the grade  it was created for rather than adults.  Weather permitting we will be in another large space, outside, to play the game.  Nothing like tackling the tough things head on.  I look forward to sharing that big space adventure with you.


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