ECCU Final project



Artist statement about the quilt blockEccu pic

Why a quilt block for my project?  Fabric art is my artistic medium.  I have created a couple of other blocks for my classes.  I tend to choose to make the quilt block when I am excited about my learning in a specific class and its something that really resonates with me.   4 and half minutes was not enough to express what was meaningful to me from class and share about the block meaning.

Colours-   When I pick colours for these class projects, it is usually because the colour suits the concept.  Occasionally, though the concept chooses the colour.  It sounds out there but the colour choices are just something that I feel.

White background is common from all my blocks and it represents my white privilege/settler view.  That viewpoint is how I approach all my learning, it is part of who I am.

Pink- I usually choose pink to represent me.  In this project the pink represents my miskâsowin process, my journey.   Pink is my favourite colour and its makes me smile, no matter what.

Blue represents the tâpwêwin speaking your truth.  When I hear the word tâpwêwin, I envision bright, water not sure of the connection for me to the truth.  I had the image of a bright blue fabric for this concept.  When I pulled this blue out of my stash I knew it was tâpwêwin.

Mottled dull green- represents miyo-wìcêhtowin- learning and working well with others.  I am not sure why such a dull colour as I had a great experience working and learning from the others in the class.  It just seemed to fit.

Bright green- represents wìtaskêwin living on the land.  The bright green jumped out at me and I knew it was for this piece. It reminds of summer and forest.  I am not an outdoor person so land doesn’t really resonate with me.  It also represents my coming closer to being able to say I live on Treaty 4 land instead of just Regina.  It is also a reminder when I hear of name changes to buildings, streets etc to look deeper into why.

I chose puzzle pieces to represent the concepts as well as my learning because they fit together nicely, like a puzzle.  Also though each individual piece represents a smaller piece of learning, you can complete the puzzle without those little pieces.  I at first designed the puzzle pieces as edge pieces.  Edge pieces mean it is the border of the puzzle and nothing more can be added outside that boundary.  I felt that meant my learning in relation to Treaty Education was complete.  I changed my mind because my learning for Treaty Ed as well as being a good teacher is nowhere complete.  Each class and interaction I have and will continue to have adds pieces to the puzzle that is my mìskâsowin process.

The quilt blocks like a puzzle takes small pieces and joins them together to create something that is meaning full.  Every quilt and many times the material has a story to go with it.  I hope that all my learning helps me to create meaningful beautiful classrooms and students.  At the end of my journey to become a teacher I hope to be able to display each of these small blocks in my classroom as reminder of my learning, how far I have come and I how far I have to go.











Here is the photo of my crew from the video


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