Why is Treaty Education important? Week 8

I was unfortunately not able to hear Claire Krueger’s talk, so I will have to base my response on Cynthia Chamber’s article and Dwayne Donald’s lecture.

I think one of the most important things that we need to recognize, is that even though all our students appear white, in this case, or some other nationality, there is a good chance, they have a mixture of nationalities in them including, First Nations.  Dwayne Donald, tells us his mother was Norwegian descent and his father was First Nations descent.  Chamber’s also tells of her mother and father, who were fiercely loyal to their countries of birth, even sometimes using the others nationality as a derogatory term.  However, when she looked back, she found that her father, a Scots man, had Irish grandparents a few generations back.  We can never be 100 percent certain that our students are white, and it shouldn’t matter anyway. We need to teach the correct history, no matter who is in our class.

Dwayne Donald, also says to look to the future we have to follow the connections of the past. The past gives us understanding into the relationships and why we are not communicating with each other when we talk to move forward.

Finally, even if we knew all the students where not of Aboriginal descent, the treaties are still in effect and us as the dominant power, are still benefitting, while we are still committing atrocities against our First Nations people.  One just has to do a little research to find that there is poor living conditions and education is still not meeting the needs of the First Nations people of Canada.  Until we are all educated why this is happening nothing will change, and we will always have this divide in our country.


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