Week 9- Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation and Code of Ethics.

Three things I learned from this week.

  • I learned how to read the teacher pay scale grid. I also found it very interesting in our classroom discussion that after your first degree, it wasn’t necessarily degrees or certificates completed but the number of credit hours you have that determines the next level of pay.
  • I found the Sask. Teacher’s Federation website to be a great resource.  It has so many things that are helpful to teacher’s, not just in terms of benefits, or political advocacy but also useful resources, for professional development.
  • The emphasis on talking to the colleague you have conflict first, and then taking it further to admin, after. I wonder why this is such and emphasis.


My 2 aha moments.

  • That the union can bring you up on “charges” should you not cooperate in a walkout or strike and attend to your students or do your work.  As a future teacher, I have always thought that my students well fair is of utmost priority, and I struggle to see how strikes and work to rule and other such actions are beneficial to my students.  To me that is my common good.  Maybe I will understand those actions better once I am in a classroom on a regular basis but being on the outside looking in, I just can’t imagine myself being good at following the rules of such actions, over my students.
  • The other aha moment was in a side conversation with Dr. Crooks, we were discussing continuing our education after our degree. I often toy with the idea of pursuing a PH.D. but I have always dreamed of being a classroom teacher, that is where I feel I belong.  I always thought that having the PH.D. would require you to exit the classroom and get into admin or the Ministry.  I thought why would the school boards pay a Grade 3, for example, a Ph.D. salary.  Crooks, told us in that conversation, that you couldn’t be taken out of the classroom because of your level of education.  Of course, there are other factors involved, but I thought that was nice to know.


My question is

How does the Code of Ethics and our responsibility to talk to our colleague about an issue first, work with our other responsibility to report abusive behaviour immediately?

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