Experiencing through story. Blog #4

20180317_110023Our prompt for this week is to write about an experience from the last week.  Last week we read/watched the Lorax and went to the water treatment facility.  We also read Witness to the Rain, by Robin Wall Kimmerer.

I am going to focus on my experience of the reading.  I found it the most pleasant aspect of the week.  I have never been a big fan of the Lorax, not sure why and the water treatment plant visit left me ill for a day or two after.  I couldn’t shake the chemical smell from there for a couple of days, so it wasn’t a very pleasant experience.  Not all experiences need to be pleasant to be written about, but I am choosing to write something I found pleasant. I need pleasant, I need calm, I need peace this week, this semester.

Kimmerer’s story about the rain brought about feelings of pleasantness, calm, and peace.  In my first entries I talked about my connection to nature through water.   I love the rain, not necessarily the getting wet part, but watching, listening, even being out feeling it.  As I read the chapter, I felt myself smiling a rarity in this busy dreary never-ending winter semester.  I found myself relaxing.  I was with Kimmerer in that forest.  I could see the drops forming and dripping in the different ways.  I heard the drops plop, bionk into the puddle or the streaming.  I saw myself catching the drops trying to keep the drop intact.  I felt my claustrophobia kick, being under that log, reading faster to escape.  When Kimmerer, talked about how wet and cold she felt, how she wanted to go in but didn’t.  I was silently hoping she would stay out just about longer, I didn’t want the rain to end, I wanted to continue experiencing the rain.

The story left me feeling like I was there, and I am ready for and impatient for the spring rains.  Maybe instead of watching from my window, I will go out and experience the drops for real when they come.


Wall Kimmerer, Robin. (2013). Witness to the Rain, in Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge & the Teachings of Plants, pp. 293-300. Minnesota, MN: Milkweed Editions.

One thought on “Experiencing through story. Blog #4

  1. I enjoy how even your post calmed me as it did for you. The words you use show meaning, and to me that is what this is all about. I know you did not enjoy the water treatment plant visit, but do you think there could be any connections made between that experience and the story you chose to write about? I think a big part about being a teacher is taking the negative, and making it positive… so maybe this is a good opportunity for you. Thanks for sharing.


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