ECS 100 Final Reflection

This my final ECS 100 Reflection.  I chose to make a star quilt patch to represent my learning.  The white background represents the perspective I come from.  I chose a patch instead of a full panel like in Every quilt tells a story because ECS 100 was more a refining of the big ideas I learned in ECS 110.  I hope you enjoy.  Like the one I designed for ECS 110, I hope to make these out of material and display them in my classroom.

One thought on “ECS 100 Final Reflection

  1. What a beautiful representation of your ECS100 learning journey! You connect each part of the quilt with key messages and understandings. Your detailed explanations show strong evidence of your engagement with each topic and your hard work throughout the semester.
    You share your initial hesitation with your EAL placement yet this became your ‘happy place’. Interesting how sometimes we need to trust that we are in situations where we never thought we’d be and it sounds like you’re very much at home in this area. Good for you for registering for a class next semester. I can’t wait to see what kind of quilt you will create in that class. Exceptional work, Pam. All the best in your journey ahead. You give me great hope for the future of education.


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