Learning experiences

This space is to share what we learn in our field placements.  I am a bit conflicted about sharing my classroom experiences in a public space like this blog.  First I want to share everything about being in the classroom.  I don’t have the words to express how much I enjoy being in the classroom, watching the teacher, attending meetings, and observing and interacting with the kids.  I feel like I could write volumes about being in the classroom and share every detail.   Sharing every detail is what conflicts me.  I know enough to not use students or teachers names, or even the school name but I am concerned that I will share some little detail that will tip off my readers as to who I am referring or what school I am at.  Keeping the privacy of my placements is very important to me, as I parent I would be very unhappy if a student inadvertently identified my children on a public forum. Children’s safety, my own and my students, online, in the classroom, on the playground and anywhere I have influence is of utmost importance to me, and to endanger that even accidentally would devastate me. Why have this tab if I am so conflicted.

Well the easy answer is that it is a requirement of my e-portfolio for my ECS 100 class and will be nice for future employers to see.  The not so easy answer is having this here, forces me to address the conflict within and challenge myself to figure out the best way to share while upholding the privacy of my students, cooperating teachers and school.  So for now this maybe a space to share my end of ECS classes thoughts and projects.  I do know that I will grow and be come confident and use this space for its intended purpose. Stay Tuned.

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