Not having fun yet.

In the last learning project post I talked about how frustrated I was and that I had a few realizations about the pieces going together.  I have to say I was really ready to quit this project and if the project wasn’t a big part of the class mark I pretty much would have.

I decided to continue on and try to follow along from this blog and combine some of the ideas from this blog.  Well the only 2 things I got from the first blog was the necessary items to use and more confusion.

In this blog the tools of the trade are listed and most are the same as in my orginal list found here. There was also the addition of a light table, which isn’t entirely necessary, you can use another method for tracing the pattern.  I happen to have one and it made my life easier, I used it to trace the patterns onto freezer paper in the post last time. The item that was missing and began to send up red flags was a measuring tool.  With a sinking heart I realized that this blog was also going to tell me to eyeball the seam allowance.

In the blogs I have been using there is a discrepancy between how big the seam allowance should be.  The first blog is 1/8th inch, reasoning that you don’t want anything bigger because there will be too much material making the piece bulky.  The other school of thought is a 1/4 inch allowance because its the standard seam allowance and it doesn’t fray as much as the smaller allowance and its easier to work with.  Now what do I do.

I chose to use the 1/8th inch.  That was a huge mistake and this is me trying to fold an 1/8th inch seam allowance over.  Its not working.  So its time for a rethink.  Stay tuned.20170603_201001

2 thoughts on “Not having fun yet.

  1. Thanks Tanya, I am looking forward to the games this weekend, more so the Eskimo game but will watch the Rider game too. More updates coming today before midnight


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