The Journey is complete

Hi everyone here is my learning summary for ECMP 355 Spring 2017.  There is one point when I was speaking about Amanda Todd and I said years to come.  I meant to say in years past.  It was the only glaring error to me and after the videoscribe disaster and about 6 recordings of the screencastify video I decided it wasn’t a big enough issue to record again.  I hope you understand. Thanks for a great semester.

2 thoughts on “The Journey is complete

    1. It really was because I had the script written for the video scribe but I couldn’t figure out how to do the screencast to go with the script so I just went off the top of my head when I recorded. I guess it didn’t turn out too bad, it was the other was just better, so I am disappointed but it is what it is at this point in the semester


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