Coding, so fun.

(for June 15 class)

During class we were introduced to coding.  I always thought coding was boring, a whole bunch of written script that I didn’t understand, nor did I need or want to.  Coding was some other persons job to make sure everything worked just right so non-techies like me could just open the page and do what we needed or wanted to do.  Well I learned a whole other side to coding today.  There is a super fun way to do it.  I chose to play around on.  It has a section called an hour of code and that is where I focused my attention.

In this section it had a variety of settings you could make codes for.  This would be very appealing to young children as it had popular games and movie characters to choose from.  There was also a classic maze, which I choose, or an artist tab as well.  The idea is to code to make the characters move to a certain point or do accomplish a certain task.  The coding starts out really simple with 2 or 3 moves to code and gradually works up.  I got to 9 moves before I stopped and I wasn’t half way through.

I also discovered on this site that they have activities that are for as young as for up to adult.  There is more too it than the just code for an hour portion.  They have lab sections as well.  I know the code for an hour portion is free but I am not sure if there are fees for the other sections.  I do know that I had a lot of fun with this. I will be introducing it to my boys for some constructive screen time over summer holidays, when the weather isn’t cooperating for them being outside.

Here is my  screencast.  I am so sorry about the length of the video.  I didn’t realize screencastify let you go for a whole ten minutes.  I guess I should read the directions first.

Kaytlyn Placatka thanks for the directions on how to include the video without youtube.







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