Super cyber sleuth

My mission was to cyber spy on (with her permission of course)Lila Gaertner.  The best place to begin any web search is Google so that is where I started.  When I googled Lila’s name her Facebook profile was the first thing that popped up, followed by other social media accounts.  On the first page of the Google search it was all about Lila and her various social media accounts.    The images row on the Google search page had three pictures of Lila and then some pictures of her crochet projects.

I first checked out Lila’s Facebook page and discovered that she does not post very often there.  Her last post was on March 10 about Valentine’s day.  I also found from Facebook that she likes Boston pizza and that is where her and her partner Tyler went for supper on Valentine’s day. I also discovered she is from Tisdale and studied at CLBI in Biblical studies. She has a decent friend list on Facebook.

Her next links are for Twitter and Pinterest.  On Twitter I discovered Lila, is a new user, likely signed up just for this class, much like I did.  I also noticed she is a 4th year Middle Years student, almost done yay! She has a link to her blog as well.  Her birthday is in February.  On Pinterest I discovered some of her interests, crochet(probably has to do with her learning project), she is a fan of Dr. Who, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Lila also has boards for writing and math resources, crafts and quotes.  She has many other interests too.

As I continued down the google search I found that she was on Google +, a video she created for one of her ECS classes, Instagram and her blog were also on the first page and she is a Student Peer Chaplain at Luther College.  As I browsed around there was nothing I came across that would send red flags for future employment as a teacher. I think Lila a very positive online identity.


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