Apps not appies

I would much rather write a post about appies and where the best one’s are in the city(Birmingham’s) than about computer apps.  However, since this is a class about technology computers apps will have to do.

I recently posted a video into my learning project category and if you have checked it out there is no audio in the video.  I am not sure what happened after I tested everything to make sure audio and video were working but the audio doesn’t come through.  I saw the YouTube video editor tool in the list and decided to try it.  The main reason I decided to try it was to see if I could fix the audio from my learning project post, that has no audio in the video.  I had no luck with being able to find out the audio issue or fix it but I did discover some neat things.

Since I spent most of my time trying to fix the audio to my video I didn’t have time to make a new video to showcase what the video editor can do.  YouTube video editor is very simple to use which I like very much. You choose a video you want to edit and click on the icons to what you want to do.  Each icon brings up a menu and you simply drag and drop.  You can add transitions into your video, photos, music, you can even add prerecorded scenes that are in a menu.  You can adjust the audio and even had word banners.  I liked the word banner idea and want to play with it more the little bit of experimenting I did had the same words across the bottom for the entire video.  I want to see if you can add other words to each frame.

This tool is simple enough that it would be a tool that most kids could easily work with and make more interesting presentations without, too much hassle or photo/video editing background.  I think this tool could take oral presentations a step up.  As a person who struggles with new programs, this one was struggle free.



6 thoughts on “Apps not appies

  1. Love the title of your blog, very catchy! I wish you the best of luck in finding out how to get the audio to work. I am very confident that with all of the tolls and apps out there you will have no trouble!


    1. Thanks Jon, I had no luck with getting the audio to work so I just redid it, in the interest of time and lessening my increasing frustration with the whole thing. I tried a different recording program and tested the audio several times before I actually recorded lol.


  2. Pam, thank you for highlighting the cool abilities of the YouTube video editor.This app may come in handy as I wrap up this class for the last assignment. Have you tried posting a very short video and see if the sound comes through in that one? You can always retract it if you do not want it to be in the space you place it.


  3. Sounds like a great app. I like the idea of adding word banners and like you said if you could add different words to different frames that would be neat. The app also seems to be user friendly. I have been using iMovie, I’m not sure if your familiar with iMovie or not but if you are would you say it is easier to use than iMovie?


  4. I am not terribly familiar with iMovie, one of my partners in a group project we had to do in another class used it and said it was user friendly and that is about all I know about it. I don’t tend to play around with this kind of stuff unless there is a reason for it like this class. I am seeing that it would be beneficial to be familiar with some of these apps as I go through Ed classes and moving into teaching. Have you used iMovie? what are some of the features of it.?


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