Feedly my new tech best friend

2017-05-20 (2)

I have to say that once I got a chance to play around and explore Feedly a little bit, I really enjoyed what I found.  I mentioned in my introduction post that I enjoy reading blogs, what I didn’t mention is that I have very few blogs I read.  I just don’t have the time to look for  blogs that have relevant content to what I want, so I just don’t bother.

Feedly to the rescue, I like that it is so simple to search for content based on my interests.  I was able to follow in a matter of minutes close to 200 blogs and categorize them into groups so that they are easier to find rather than scrolling through a large list in my bookmarks that are uncategorized.  I have bookmarked it and I see feedly being a go to resource for my student career, my future teaching career and just for finding fun stuff to read.

My approach to  following content on Feedly was pretty simple, it had to be in the top 20 or so, it had to have at least one post a week, more was better and I looked at the followers too.  I also read the titles of the articles that were with the description and that helped me decide as well. The only criteria that was an automatic follow was if it was Canadian content. The only category this didn’t work for was my quilting category and I was not surprised.  Quilters tend to be an older demographic and many aren’t much into technology and posting about their quilts.  I did find some and am hoping they will be a resource for my learning project, we will see. I am sure as I go through the many sites I followed I will unfollow a few but I find its easier to bookmark at will and weed out later.

Now in my not so scientific way of choosing who to follow I found two gems. Larry Ferlazzo blog was the first one that I explored.  What attracted me was the article title in the description on Feedly.  The most recent article on his site was about ESL/EAL learners.  That topic piqued my interest as it is something I am also studying this semester in ELNG 200.  I am hoping that it will be a good resource for that class.  I found myself stopping to read several blog posts on his site.  I had to tear myself away so I could get other stuff done.  I think this one will be a keeper.

My second gem is the Cool Cat Teacher Blog again the title in the description is what caught my eye and enticed me in.  The article was about dyslexia and other special needs.  As a future teacher and a volunteer in the schools, I see that is something that I will need to stay on top of.  I am also drawn to dyslexia information because my oldest daughter is dyslexic.  The big draw for me when I entered the site was that the author Vicky Davis does podcasts, while I prefer to read information, that’s how I learn best, I do like having the option to download and listen to podcasts while I am driving or doing mindless household chores.  The blog and podcasts are what she titled “The Ten Minute Teacher Show”, she speaks to variety of different teachers on topics like dyslexia and special needs, to classroom management and organization.  I think this will be very useful and practical for classroom ideas.

I also found many other education goodies that I just haven’t had a chance to explore yet.  Feedly is a great resource to have for professional and personal development. End Feedly advertisment.


One thought on “Feedly my new tech best friend

  1. I like your blog title today. Perhaps, one day you can feed the Feedly with your own blog centred on quilting to help others like yourself overcome difficult stitches and provide encouragement? I, too, like listening to podcasts while I am driving. Lots of cool information flowing into my head without much effort from me. I do find this easier than reading. There is a lot of advertisement, isn’t there? http://tanyawellerteachingportfolio.weebly.com


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