Me and Tech= frienemies

A little bit about me first.  I have been married for 27 years this July, we have 6 kids, who simply are my life.  We also have a daughter-in-law and a son-in-law.  Rounding out our group is our Belgian Tervuren Cider.  This is my first semester as an Education student and I am beyond ecstatic to be in the program.  It sounds corny, cliche, cheesy etc but it really is a dream come true.  Someone once told me the career you should pursue is the one you would do without a paycheck, being a teacher is that job for me.

My family


My frienemy technology, I love technology most of the time, however there are times that it is so frustrating and takes so long to figure something out I end up thinking it would be easier to do it manually.  I am pretty adept at Facebook, but other social media I haven’t got a sniff of how to use it, which is what I am hoping to get from this class and more.

When we speak of education technology, two things come to mind.  First is the use of technology in the classroom, obviously.  The second is using technology to learn a new skill or get help with something you are working on.  I am pretty adept at finding tutorials, videos and online instruction to help me get over a hump in something I am working on.  My husband and I have saved ourselves some money, time and frustration by going to Youtube to figure out what is wrong with an appliance or vehicle.  Many times we have found that we were able to fix the problem ourselves.  As for technology in the classroom, well my school days were well before the technology we had now, it was the days of typing in simple commands and saving them to a floppy disk.  All phones were attached to a wall, you used a film camera to take pictures and had to wait a week to see if they turned out.  I haven’t spent much time in a classroom yet but what I have seen in my sons’ classrooms look very interesting and lot easier than paper charts and chalkboards.

One part of technology that I absolutely love is blogging.  I love reading blogs about a variety of topics and have taken away so much information most of it practical and down to earth.  The only blogging I have ever done is for ECS 110 in Fall 2016 and now this class.  I have often thought about creating my own blog but then I get overwhelmed thinking that I have to be smart, profound or have some sage piece of advice at minimum once a week and I decide that I couldn’t possibly be that on.  So for now I will stick to reading blogs.  If anyone has some great teacher blogs they love, I would be very happy if you shared them with me in the comments.




One thought on “Me and Tech= frienemies

  1. Mrs. Pam, you speak very well. I can hear your ‘voice’ loud and clear – in a good way. You posted a lovely picture of you and your growing family. Youtube is amazing for not only learning but entertainment as well. Our world sure has changed in the last few decades and I cannot imagine where the next few decades will be leading us and our progeny. I am certain that without taking university classes I would be a whole lot less connected and consequently a lot more isolated. I enjoy reading your posts as I can see you love to write.


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