Every Quilt Tells A Story

ECS 110  Summary of Learning


A quick couple of notes about this video.

1)For the first little bit you will see a blank screen, the screen should be white but in the video it looks grey.  As you watch that first bit its important to remember it should white.

2) here is the link to music in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCsZQW0Rkvo

3) Quilting is my passion and my plan is too make the “quilt” in the video into a quilted wall hanging for my classroom.

5 thoughts on “Every Quilt Tells A Story

  1. Hi Pam …. this is so beautiful and when you hang it in your classroom, it will be an effective teaching tool. I especially appreciate how you say you will teach from a place of equity, not equality — thank you ….. I will take that with me. You too have my email, so in the words of an intelligent lady, “use it!”


  2. Thanks Leanne I will use your email. I will be curious as to what you decided to do in regards to classes this semester. Us “old folks” need to stick together and keep in contact lol


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